Under the Comic Covers
137: Saga #40

Psst... hey you... you want a comic? It's a good one. First one's free ;)

Yeah, that's how those comic dealers get you hooked... and chances are, the first book they'll slip into your grimy little sweaty palm will be Saga. Why is that? Well, Under the Comic Covers will tell you why. It's amazing, adddictive, and an example of some of the best in comic art and writing. 

So... yeah... this is about Saga #40. Enjoy.


  1. Intro   (0:00)    
  2. UtCC News of the Week   (3:05)
  3. Saga #40   (9:37)
  4. Saga Mail   (41:29)
  5. End   (54:28)


Next episode: The Walking Dead #161; Revival #45 


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