Under the Comic Covers
22: Black Science #7; Nowhere Men Vol. 1

Under the Comic Covers is proud to present another perfect pairing this week... We bring you the science suite of Rick Remender's Black Science and Eric Stephenson's troubled masterpiece, Nowhere Men.

Black Science kicks off it's second arc with something akin to a runaway freight train... pure adrenaline and pure action as we, the readers, find ourselves questioning everything we know about who are heroes and who are villains really are.

Nowhere Men, a book that emerged a rising star last year, only to see it's shine diminish due to delays and rumors, is but a six issue glimpse into genius... but we can't resist going over our favorite moments and our thoughts on this remarkable work of art.

In addition to this, we dip into the mail sack and answer your emails as well as take another call from our favorite comic book virgin, Rachael.

Read Nate Bellegarde's remarkable and touching open letter to readers regarding the delays of Nowhere Men and his role here.

Find our appearance on The Walking Dead'Cast discussing Game of Thrones here.


  1. Intro    (0:00)    
  2. Comic News of the Week    (2:03)
  3. Black Science #7    (6:55)
  4. Nowhere Men   (23:37)
  5. UtCC Mail Sack    (1:12:30)
  6. What's Rachael Reading    (1:39:46)
  7. End    (1:46:34)

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