Under the Comic Covers
54: The Walking Dead #138: Confrontation

This week, Under the Comic Covers is about one comic and one comic only (not counting the three different comics we discuss in Top of the Stack, which really makes this a four comic issue, but not really because we only do a top three on The Walking Dead and only one of the other three are actually part of Top of the Stack because Mr. Blahg decided to throw in another book because... uhhhh... I don't know), The Walking Dead #138: Confrontation.

This issue of The Walking Dead gives us ample opportunity to take our time and really go over every detail, to think about actions and consequences, and we spend plenty of time going over the issue.

Our Top of the Stack picks are diverse as can be... Mr. Blahg goes with a new Dark Horse comic, Never Boy by Shaun Simon and Tyler Jenkins (and manages to slilp in a pitch for David Lapham's recent Stray Bullets series, Killers and Sunshine and Roses), while Grace tackles the sweet levity of Image Comic's Oddly Normal by Otis Frampton.


  1. Intro   (0:00)    
  2. UtCC News of the Week   (6:15)
  3. The Walking Dead #138: Confrontation   (10:16)
  4. The Whispering Mail Sack   (50:17)
  5. Top of the Stack: Never Boy; Oddly Normal   (1:00:08)
  6. End  (1:11:44)


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