Under the Comic Covers
55: Sweet Tooth, Vol 5: Unnatural Habitats

In a situation most rare, Under the Comic Covers finds itself with not one, not two, nay... not even three titles to choose from this week. Instead, we have none!! In light of this strange week we decided to continue with our coverage of Jeff Lemire's apocalyptic tale filled with sadness, and joy, and sorrow, and love... Sweet Tooth, Vol 5: Unnatural Habitats, from Vertigo Comics.

Although this is a limited episode, we do answer one letter... but alas, we feature no Top of the Stack.

Look for our interview with Charlie Adlard, artist for The Walking Dead, in a few days, plus our episode next week will be covering Chew #47, They're Not Like Us #4, The Walking Dead #139, and Wayward #6. Now that's a BIG week.


  1. Intro   (0:00)    
  2. Sweet Tooth, Vol 5: Unnatural Habitats   (6:11)
  3. Sweet Letters   (42:06)
  4. End  (48:43)


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