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57: The Walking Dead #139; They're Not Like Us #4; Wayward #6; Chew #47

Like a spring meadow in bloom, so was the comic shop this week. With vernal abundance, the comic gods smiled kindly on us as Under the Comic Covers reaps the benefit of four issues to cover this week in addition to two we discuss in Top of the Stack.

The Walking Dead #139: From the Edge of the World starts us off with the first issue of the new arc, reintroducing a couple of old friends and seeing another integrate into another community of sorts. We then move on to They're Not Like Us #4: Dreams of Children, a deeper look into this less-than-perfect assemblage of hipsters with powers. Wayward #6 is up next, our first regular monthly coverage of this mythology laden look at Japanese culture and a remarkable story within. If you haven't caught up with Wayward, the first volume is out now, and more than worth the cost. Finally, we return to our old pal Chew #47. In a wildly funny, yet somehow, deadly serious issue of Chew, Tony discovers some hidden talents in his new partner, and an old foe rears his head once again.

That really should be enough... but no. We also added in our two respective cents in our Top of the Stack. Grace picks The Private Eye from Panel Syndicate, written by Brian K. Vaughan and art by Marcos Martin. Mr. Blahg goes with The Surface, an Image Comics title from Ales Kot and Langdon Foss.

Did we stop there? No, of course not... we also answer your mail, and announce the winner of a signed copy of The Empty #1 by Jimmie Robinson.


  1. Intro   (0:00)    
  2. UtCC News of the Week   (2:15)
  3. The Walking Dead #139: From the Edge of the World   (10:53)
  4. The Walking Mail Sack   (31:28)
  5. They're Not Like Us #4: Dreams of Children   (44:17)
  6. They're Not Like the Postal Service   (1:03:11)
  7. Wayward #6   (1:06:33)
  8. Wayward Air Mail   (1:25:26)
  9. Chew #47   (1:30:23)
  10. Tony "Mailbox" Chu Express   (1:48:05)
  11. Top of the Stack: The Private Eye; The Surface   (1:50:55)
  12. End   (2:00:28)


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