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Mr. Blahg and Grace return to Brian K. Vaughan's Saga and go over each of our favorite moments from this extraordinary story as we continue with Volume 2.  As is usual for covering this title, we get a little adult from time to time... so be forewarned.  This is an incredible book and we thoroughly enjoyed digging into our heroes' pasts and the shocking cliffhanger of an ending.  From Barr to Fard to Klara to Gwen, Volume 2 is the most engrossing chapter yet. 

We are also extremely pleased to share our interview with Mathew Roberts, artist for Manifest Destiny.  It will come as no surprise to our listeners to know that we adore this book, and it is Matt's art that push it from being a good book towards being a remarkable one, and we were honored and tickled pink that he took the time to chat about his start in comics, his process in creating the incredible images of Manifest Destiny, and we thank his patience in dealing with two fans sitting around gushing about his work.

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