Under the Comic Covers
80: Manifest Destiny #17; Rat Queens #12; Sex Criminals #12

This week, Under the Comic Covers dips its toes into a little bit of horror, a smidgen of mystical smidgens, and a whole lots of weird sexy stuff. First we discuss Manifest Destiny #17, possibly the most intense and visceral issue of the series thus far. Then we join Rat Queens #12 as they contiune on their quest (we think it's to see Hannah's father, but we kinda get confused a bit). Finally, Sex Criminals #12 picks up where we left off... and I can't really say much more than that regarding this particularly odd and sexually adventurous issue of our favorite odd and sexually adventurous book.

Mr. Blahg chooses the new Rick Remender and Sean Murphy book from Image Comics, Tokyo Ghost as his Top of the Stack selection; and as always, we answer your emails.


  1. Intro   (0:00)    
  2. UtCC News of the Week   (2:05)
  3. Manifest Destiny #17   (9:17)
  4. Manifest Letters   (27:46)
  5. Rat Queens #12   (32:05)
  6. Rat Mail   (52:21)
  7. Sex Criminals #12   (55:21)
  8. Sex Letters   (1:33:28)
  9. Top of the Stack: Tokyo Ghost   (1:35:35)
  10. End   (1:41:08) 

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