Under the Comic Covers
92: Black Science #18; Nailbiter #18; Paper Girls #3; Revival #35; They're Not Like Us #10

In a rare display of endurance and pure joy, Under the Comic Covers tackles five issues in one episode for the first time, which we are calling "The UtCC Pentacular!" Fortunately, each of these five issues were amazing beyond either of our wildest hopes. Taking each issues in alphabetical order (because really, how can you possibly sort these books in any kind of order): Black Science #18; Nailbiter #18; Paper Girls #3; Revival #35; They're Not Like Us #10.

Due to the very long run time of this podcast, we want to remind you all that we separate each book and it's individual letter section by chapters. If you are on an Apple device, just skip ahead to whichever chapter you are interested in... otherwise, we list the times for each chapter below. Thank you, and we really hope you enjoy this episode... we had a great time putting it together for you.


  1. Intro   (0:00)    
  2. UtCC News of the Week   (3:04)
  3. Black Science #18   (6:59)
  4. Black Science Mail   (28:34)
  5. Nailbiter #18   (35:18)
  6. Nailbiter Mail   (59:50)
  7. Paper Girls #3   (1:06:29)
  8. Paper Girls Mail   (1:38:04)
  9. Revival #35   (1:45:06)
  10. Revival Mail   (2:08:31)
  11. They're Not Like Us #10   (2:14:38)
  12. They're Not Like Us Mail   (2:46:00)
  13. End   (2:47:47) 


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Intro and outro music provided by Romanowski

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