Under the Comic Covers
97: Black Science #19; Nailbiter #19; Paper Girls #4

The holidays are over, and routine can once again set in, and for Under the Comic Covers, routine means sitting down on a Thursday night and recording a podcast about our favorite comic books. This week we delve into Black Science #19, Nailbiter #19, and Paper Girls #4... plus, we introduce a new Image Comics title to Top of the Stack, Saints from Sean Lewis and Benjamin Mackey.


  1. Intro   (0:00)    
  2. Black Science #19   (4:26)
  3. Black Science Mail   (26:03)
  4. Nailbiter #19   (36:07)
  5. Nailbiter Mail   (54:51)
  6. Paper Girls #4   (1:08:46)
  7. Paper Girls Mail   (1:29:03)
  8. Top of the Stack: Saints   (1:36:08)
  9. End   (1:42:57) 


Next week: The Walking Dead #150


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Intro and outro music provided by Romanowski

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