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Under the Comic Covers is tremendously pleased to welcome Jason from The Walking Dead'Cast as he, Grace, and Mr. Blahg take on the final installment of All Out War.  Did it live up to all of our hopes and expectations?  Did we all agree on whether or not it was unsatifying, or did we think it represents a bold new direction for the comic?  Only one way to find out.

We also begin plumbing the emotional depths of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's hauntingly beautiful series from IDW, Locke & Key.  We dive into the first of six volumes and embark on what will be an incredible journey into Keyhouse and the secrets within.  Do you like mysteries?   Then Locke & Key is exactly what you are looking for.

Plus, we answer your emails and voicemails, in addition to continuing our segment of "What is Rachael Reading?"

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