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Under the Comic Covers returns this week to talk about two of our favorite titles, The Walking Dead and Manifest Destiny.

The Walking Dead #128 gives us a deeper look into the burgeoning new community built after the war and gives us a glimpse into a new internal threat to the relative peace and quiet of Alexandria and their new way of life.  As always, we go over our top 3 for the issue and have a chat about Carl's newfound whittling skills and the importance of stale bread.

After a between-arc hiatus, Chris Dingess' and Matthew Roberts' Manifest Destiny #7 returns in glorious fashion as our intrepid band of explorers continue on their westward journey across the newly acquired chunk of North American real estate and discover all new mythical beasties and critters.  Unfortunately, not all horrible creatures are of the mythical type... some happen to be part of the expedition itself.  Plus, we get a look at Lewis as the au natural skin diver.


  1. Intro    (0:00)    
  2. The Walking Dead #128    (3:22)
  3. Manifest Destiny #7    (25:59)
  4. UtCC Mail Sack    (49:40)
  5. End    (1:07:09)

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