Under the Comic Covers
32: Black Science #9; Sex Criminals #8

This week Under the Cover Comics goes over the fine points of Black Science #9 and Sex Criminals #8. They go deep into the confusion that is this mid point of the second arc of Black Science, and go down and dirty with the rainbow of mental and sexual health that is Sex Criminals.

In addition to this, they answer your emails, discuss the news of the week, give some insight into the differences between sober and drunken podcasting, talk about a couple of new titles in "Top of the Stack"; Wytches and Copperhead, and ultimately have a great time going over two of our favorite titles.


  1. Intro    (0:00)    
  2. UtCC News of the Week   (3:14)
  3. Black Science #9   (16:49)
  4. Black Science Transmissions   (36:27)
  5. Sex Criminals #8   (40:38)
  6. Sex Criminals Mail Sack (1:14:15)
  7. Top of the Stack; Wytches, Copperhead   (1:28:49)
  8. End   (1:43:09)

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