Under the Comic Covers
64: The Walking Dead #141; Saga #28; Black Science #14; Copperhead #7

Under the Comic Covers goes big this week with four Image titles. First, we open with the book that started it all for us, The Walking Dead #141: Opportunity. From there we move onto the darling of the comic world, Saga #28, before heading into Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera's fantastic Black Science #14. We finish up with episode with Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski's sci-fi western, Copperhead #7.

And if that weren't enough chatting about comics, Grace offers up her selection for Top of the Stack, I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly and JM Ken Nimura. Plus, we answer your emails for each of the titles we cover this week.


  1. Intro   (0:00)    
  2. The Walking Dead #141: Opportunity   (5:10)
  3. The Walking Dead Mail   (28:26)
  4. Saga #28   (39:21)
  5. Saga Mail   (1:06:40)
  6. Black Science #14   (1:11:16)
  7. Black Science Mail   (1:25:04)
  8. Copperhead #7   (1:28:15)
  9. Copperhead Mail   (1:43:49)
  10. Top of the Stack: I Kill Giants   (1:46:09)
  11. End   (1:50:03) 

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