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50: The Walking Dead #137; Sweet Tooth, Vol 4: Endangered Species

This week, Under the Comic Covers is happy to discuss two perennial favorites, The Walking Dead #137: A Future Uncertain and Sweet Tooth, Vol 4: Endangered Species.

Things get weird in the Hilltop as Carl loses something a bit more precious than his iconic hat, and Gus and Jeppard bond in some very tender moments... so an all around sweet episode, if it weren't for all the weird licking and bear attacks. But other than that... and the murder attempt and infectious disease... these are two very happy and sweet issues from Image Comics. Perfect material to curl up with your loved one on Valentine's Day and prepare to be single the next day. (kidding)

Of course, that isn't all there is. We also answer your emails and grab an issue off of the Top of the Stack. This week, Grace chooses Scott McCloud's graphic novel, The Sculptor... and Mr. Blahg goes with Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham's Nameless.


  1. Intro   (0:00)    
  2. The Walking Dead #137: A Future Uncertain   (4:48)
  3. Hilltop Express (Letters)   (30:13)
  4. Sweet Tooth, Vol 4: Endangered Species   (44:26)
  5. Sweet Tooth Gazette (Again... Letters)  (1:12:06)
  6. Top of the Stack: The Sculptor; Nameless   (1:21:18)
  7. End   (1:32:15)

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